Bitcoin Coins Price Correlation

The correlation value involves a mathematical formula that considers the price movements over time. A correlation above 0.5 is considered moderately and above 0.7 strong, while correlations between 0.3 and -0.3 are weak. A value of 1 means the movements are perfectly synchronized, whereas negative 1 indicates they're diametrically opposed.
Coin Coins Correlation ( 90 Days ) Chart
Bitcoin BTC Tenet TENET 0.171 Weak
Bitcoin BTC Likecoin LIKE 0.168 Weak
Bitcoin BTC Passage PASG 0.152 Weak
Bitcoin BTC Omniflix Network FLIX 0.146 Weak
Bitcoin BTC Bluzelle BLZ 0.134 Weak
Bitcoin BTC Sifchain EROWAN 0.120 Weak
Bitcoin BTC Stargaze STARS 0.116 Weak
Bitcoin BTC Regen REGEN 0.086 Weak
Bitcoin BTC Quasar QSR 0.039 Weak
Bitcoin BTC Decentr DEC 0.017 Weak
Bitcoin BTC Mars Protocol MARS 0.016 Weak
Bitcoin BTC Tron TRX -0.047 Negative
Bitcoin BTC Konstellation DARC -0.049 Negative
Bitcoin BTC Starname IOV -0.147 Negative
Bitcoin BTC Ki Chain XKI -0.159 Negative
Bitcoin BTC Crescent Network CRE -0.253 Negative
Bitcoin BTC GenesisL1 L1 n/a